Ju-SanXiii: The Unknown Protagonist

Have you ever wondered if there were people handling things behind the scenes? Who is Ju-San XIII?

With an upcoming album and 8 years of performance and song writing under his belt, Ju-San XIII is an experienced alternative conscious hip hop artist on the rise in the local and underground scene. Hailing from Columbus Ohio, Ju-San XIII has worked with many musical influences and talent in his community including Royalty Reborn Entertainment , The Collective Comittee, Most Official Approved ENT and many more.

Although none of his family members were particularly in music besides his mother who was in her church’s quoir, Ju-San XIII had a ear for music. When he was young he started with the violin, before transitioning to flute and finally the piano. Ju-San XIII had many musical influences, but it all “clicked” one day when, the now owner of Royalty Reborn Entertainment, Kannon Edgerton invited him to a venue. The rest was history and “Rhapsodos” was born.

Over the years, “Rhapsodos” developed his skills with vocal practice, piano lessons, performance, speech, and producing beats/songs with various applications. He began writing, performing, in his teenage years with fellow artist Kannonwithaboom. After studying his rap influence Mike Shinoda from Fort Minor & Linkin Park and his alternative style, he adopted a unique approach to writing songs. The aim was to vent about the spiritual and conscious happenings in life, around himself and the world.

Having complications with expressing his emotions, it was through this process and soul searching that Ju-San XIII [13 in Japanese and 13 in Roman Numeral] was born.

After a brief hiatus due to Covid, he is currently working on his upcoming debut album Unkn♡wn Pr♡tag♡nist [Unknown Protagonist] through Royalty Reborn Entertainment, performing live around the Columbus area and has a duo collaboration project on the way.

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