Tha Big Chance: Recording artist out of Trinidad and Tobago

Jason Egan Anthony Adams, professionally know as Tha Bigchance, is an upcoming Trinidad-born rapper, singer and songwriter. He has a versatility that he displays with melodic ambience in every song. He began rapping at a very young age, trying to emulate the artistes he saw on Rap City. He wasn't actively into music except for hearing Dancehall and Soca frequently, but Hip Hop music was new to him and he gravitated to the art form naturally.

He began recording in 2001 using previously recorded music and continuously enhancing his abilities from song structure to flows and melodies until he was satisfied to become a professional. Due to his geographic location, he realized that it was more difficult to break into this genre and market. Constantly, he was told that it was impossible and that made him want to prove the undeniable a fact. Tha Bigchance was featured on a mixtape called Face The Music with two other artistes. He has an unreleased album and is currently working on his solo Ep. He remains a free agent at the moment and has released 2 songs to all platforms from his upcoming Ep titled Technical Difficulty.

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Let's Get Away by Tha Bigchance
Download MP3 • 6.87MB

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